Sports wear for women exclusively designed by Pilar Tójar.

Tennis, paddle and fitness collections.

Quality, design ant seduction are our key elements.

A Company with great ambition for growing in every way. We aim to become the Haute Couture Brand of Sports.

We are a great team of mainly women with high qualifications.

We continue to research the needs and desires of our potential Clients.

We care a lot about the quality of our work and our products.

We constantly research new trends, fabrics, to differentiate our selves from our competitors.

We firmly believe it is possible to play sports and also be beautiful and feminine.

We get inspired by Haute Couture and translate their concepts into our sports wear.

We launched in October 2006 in the Worldwide Championship of Paddle in Murcia. Great success!

Collections full of colour and sensuality, Very setductive !!

We sell in several countries: Spain, Dubai, UK, Italy, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico and pretend to keep on growing.

We expanded our collection to other gym sports because of our Clients suggestions.

1st Fitness Collection 2.008: combined with our tennis/paddle clothing.

Preparing next Collections with the same principles of quality and originality.

Only the best fabrics: elasticity, breathability, comfort, softness.

Production line: patterns, seams, logo stamp, labels.

Durability of our products.

Adapted to a woman´s body. Very feminine and setductive.

Originality: there is nothing like in the market.

Mix n match.


Keep on offering Setduction women the posibility of playing sports and look beautiful at the time.

We want to grow in many directions: Consolidate Domestic Market, Grow Internationally, E-Commerce through our Web page.

Expand our Collections for other sports.

You are a Setduction woman... Play feminine!!