Men buy...
Women... go shopping

We women decide!!

Women represent 80% of all sales
(Research done by The Boston Consulting Group)
We represent the biggest emerging market in the world
(bigger than China and India togethen)
91% of buying decisions are made by women.
(5th International Forum of Communication and Branding)
Why not focus more on us??
Thinking about women only!!
Most of sports brands design for young people. Setduction designs for all Kinds of women.
Women +30 years old have different body shapes, needs and taste.
We get inspired by Haute Couture and translate their concepts into our sports wear.

Each woman "Setduces" in a different way...

Each skort/capri/trousers combine with up to 9 Tops.
Each woman can create her own version of the collection.
Different patterns for different body shapes
· Tops with straight and shorter patterns: for athletic or thin women.
· Tops with evasé and longer patterns: for women with "happy" curves.
Differents colors for different women:
We study colours to offer different combinations for different women:
· Light or Dark Hair
· Light or Dark Skin

All women can "Setduce"
Only the best fabrics...
Supplex: Certified by DuPont which has a soft cotton-like hand with high water and wind resistant properties, high abrasion and tear resistant. Stretches 5 times in length with full recovery to enhance fit and performance characteristics. Manages moisture and keeps its vibrant colour, wash after wash.
Cool Comfort: With seamless technology: extreme comfort and support, freedom of body movement, inherent softness, greater resistance, temperature and moisture regulation and odour control, adaptability to the body.

You will fall in love with our fabrics!!

Play feminine!!